Gran Paradiso National Park

Last DEIMS-SDR update: 12.12.2023

Contact: Ramona Viterbi
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The site corresponds to the territory of Gran Paradiso National Park. This includes different ecosystems, present along the altitudinal gradient (ca. 800 – 4000 m asl): the woody areas of the montane belt, the ecotonal habitats of the subalpine belt and the meadows of the alpine one. The nival belt is widely represented inside the Park. The habitats with poor or no vegetation (rocks, screes, glaciers) cover about 60% of the territory, meadows and pastures 17%, about 20.2% is characterised by woods and shrubs, while 0.8% by cultivated lands and urban areas. The aquatic ecosystems, beyond the streams, comprise almost 15 lakes, bigger than 10,000 m2 and located at an altitude higher than 2000 m asl. The area is directly managed by the Park Authority; research and monitoring activities are coordinated by the Sanitary and Scientific Office of the Park.

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