The tales of ecology

LTER Trails (“Cammini” in Italian) are informal science communication activities about ecology created by the researcher from LTER-Italy. The trails are itinerant events connecting one or more LTER-Italy sites. During these events, people move preferably by foot or bike.

The Trails are open to everybody and foster the dialogue between researchers, territories, and citizens, promoting an active and participatory approach. They have been organized every year since 2015, with a break between 2020 and 2022 due to the pandemic.

The Trails aim to:

    • Raise awareness on LTER-Italy research activities and highlight the importance of the long-term ecological research
    • Encourage researchers to leave their comfort zone and experiment with less formal and more direct communication channels, filling the gap between researchers and inhabitants of the same territory
    • Foster a sense of responsibility and belonging to strengthen the union between citizens and researchers
    • Learn to dialogue, listen and accept different kinds of knowledge, considering the points of view of the so-called “laypeople” and rethinking the relationship between scientific knowledge and other forms of knowledge, like art, traditions, aesthetics, philosophy, and experiences
    • Integrate the interior dimension into science communication, including emotions, identity, values, hopes, and fears
    • Valorise the role of the emotional approach in generating knowledge and building stable and intimate relationships with the natural world

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