LTER-Italy network

LTER-Italy is one of the 26 long-term ecological research networks that belong to the European Network (LTER-Europe). It is also part of the International Network (ILTER), which is present on all five continents.
LTER-Italy research sites aim to monitor, analyse, and understand ecological changes and human-induced alterations both at local and global scales.

LTER-Italy sites

LTER-Italy Network is made of 72 research sites, spread all over the Italian territory. The research sites represent a variety of environments: land, freshwater, marine water, and transitional. Other than the 72 sites on the national territory, the Italian Network also counts 7 extraterritorial sites located in the Himalayan region and Antarctica.
LTER-Italy research sites are open windows to observe local territories, and they hold important long-term series of data. In these sites researchers can collaborate, future ecologists can be trained, and the citizens can be actively involved.

LTER-Italy Trails

LTER-Italy Trails (Cammini in Italian) is an informal science communication initiative organised every year since 2015 by the LTER-Italy researchers. The Trails are itinerant initiatives characterized by a slow and relaxed pace in which people move mostly by bike or foot. The itinerary connects two or more research sites of the Network and is open to everybody.
These events are occasions for researchers and citizens to meet, sharing the sense of belonging and the responsibility of a territory that is home for someone and a research topic for somebody else.

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