The italian Long Term Ecological Research Network (LTER Italia) is, since 2006, part of the International LTER Network (ILTER), including 40 member countries, and of the European network LTER-Europe.
The Italian initiative was promoted by the Italian Society of Ecology (SItE), by some Institute of  the Department Earth and Environment of the National Research Council (CNR), by the National Forest Service and by other italian research institutions. Besides SitE, the net was also supported by scientific societies such as  the Italian Society of Botany, the Italian Society for Selviculture and Forest Ecology, the Italian Society of Marine Biology and  the Italian Association for Oceanography and Limnology.
At present LTER Italia encompasses 22 sites where ecological research is active since long time in forestal, high mountain, freshwater, transitional, coastal and marine ecosystems. The CNR research stations in Antarctica and in Himalaya are also included.  
LTER Italy will help to understand the status of many important Italian ecosystems studing the effects of pollution, climate change and biodiversity loss.