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La rete LTER Italia

The Italian Research Network Long Term Ecological (LTER-Italy) is a network of terrestrial sites, freshwater, transitional and marine waters, on which you conduct ecological research on decades of scale. Belong to 25 sites, distributed throughout the national territory, managed by leading research institutions, universities and institutions that deal with research and ecological monitoring in Italy.

LTER studying ecosystems, their dynamics and evolution, the relationship between biodiversity and ecological function, water quality, productivity, the role of the availability of resources, the effects of pollution and climate change. Many sites provide products and services of economic importance (fisheries, forests, water protection, prevention of landslides): understanding of its performance has a key role for environmental sustainability in our country.

LTER-Italy is one of 22 national networks of the European LTER Network, which welcomes more than 400 research sites; It pertains also to the International LTER Network, distributed in more than 40 countries on five continents, created and driven by the need for collaboration, sharing and integration of ecological information from the local scale to the global scale to understand and manage the environment and responses to changes .

Nationally the LTER-Italy Network is one of the main research infrastructure nodes on biodiversity LifeWatch, which provides the tools to manage researchers and advanced editing of biodiversity data.